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Austin Stone Carving Portfolio
Current Projects | Architectural | Sculpture | Ornamental

Mesopotamian Stylized Arabian Horse
Phase 1: Stuart finds the right stone Phase 2: Work begins Phase 3: The horse near completion
Material:  Cordova Cream Limestone
Year:  Current 2003
Description:  This commissioned carving called for an extra large quarry block of stone in order to carve this 8'L x 6'H x 3'D monolithic sculpture. The client provided a small model to use as a reference. It was a piece that was purchased from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop and was a direct copy from the original. The original block of stone weighed 10 tons, after completion, it will weigh approximately 7 tons. This piece was moved using a giant crane and was roughed out with a stone chainsaw. This piece is still being worked on and will finish in Fall 2003.

Arched Entryway for a client in Oklahoma
Material:  Luders Limestone
Year:  Current 2003
Archway Archway detail
Description:  This is a collaboration with Texas Cut Stone, Liberty Hill. The client gave the stone mill some photos she took in Europe of a carved entryway she was fond of and wanted to know if they could replicate the same concept. The stone mill asked if I could design something similar to this and so I did. The middle section has been left uncarved for now, because we are waiting for some final measurements from the installers. It is critical to be very precise on this section because the back of the carving has to join up perfectly with an existing cornice, much like a inter locking puzzle. The center will eventually have a scroll like keystone with acanthus leaves splaying out in the center and over the top, and the existing fruit and flower swags draped over the archway. This piece was carved out of a single block, all of the molding was done by hand.

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