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This is a carving that I made that was presented to Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon and the space company Blue Origin) in the fall of 2018. The prestigious award was presented by Rick Tumlinson, founder of the non-profit Earthlight Foundation, founding partner of SpaceFund, and longtime leader of the space settlement community. This award was given to Bezos for his pioneering work and commitment to opening the frontier of space.

The design was based off an originally painting by famed space artist Pat Rawlings. I was commissioned to sculpt my interpretation of the design into a low relief masterpiece in Cordova Cream Texas Limestone.

The photos depict Jeff Bezos commenting on the piece stating that people should come up and take a closer look because the work was “impressive” and “incredible”.

Year: 2013

Stone Type: Indiana Limestone

Description: Wade Wilson memorial

Year: 2010

Stone Type: Cordova Cream Limestone

Description: This is a commissioned sculpture that I created for a client in College Station, Texas which depicts the prominent Hebrew Chai symbol. The same image is shown on the other side of the sculpture and the client and I liked the added abstraction of the overall effect. What I like most about this piece, is that even if the viewer is not familiar with the symbol, it still looks like a cool sculpture. The piece is 36″L x 20″ H x 18″ D

Year: 2011

Stone Type: Antique Luders Limestone with Texas Sunset Red Granite

Description: This piece was a collaboration with Austin landscape Designer Greg Bakunas. The three top pieces with carving detail depicts the image of a deconstructed Phoenix. The bottom of the sculpture is a complex water feature with a variety of Texas limestone and Pecos Red Sandstone. The subtle effect of the water dripping and seeping out of the hidden interlocking stones is soothing and reminiscent of natural springs. The photos do this piece no justice. This piece stands approximately 5 1/2′ tall.

Year: 2010

Stone Type: Texas Granite

Description: These five Sculptures are made with various sized boulders ranging from 70 lbs to 3.5 tons. They are technically decomposed Granite Boulders found in the granite gravel pits in Marble Falls, Texas. Once the stones were selected, they were delivered to the clients property and were worked on site. The stones were shaped not with chisels, but with an acetylene torch, and a rock hammer to knock off the loose material. The texure that remains on the stone is a more natural/weathered look that is more desirable than grinders and chisels. The client wanted these stones to have a natural look as if they had been there for hundreds of years.

Cranes were used to set the boulders, and stainless steel pins and epoxy were used to help stabilize the balancing stones.

Year: 2010

Stone Type: Texas Brauer Cream Limestone with Antique Luders base


Year: 2007

Stone Type: Texas Cordova Cream Limestone aged with watercolor and a Pecos Red Sandstone base


Year: 2009

Stone Type: Antique Luders Limestone and West Texas Cream aged with watercolor for the base


Year: 2004

Stone Type: Luders Texas Limestone with Black Granite Base

Description: This is a commissioned replica of an ancient Amorgos head sculpture. Private residence(Manor, Texas).

Year: 2009

Stone Type: Cordova Cream

Description: This is a grotesque that I carved at a carving competition at the “Vineyard at Florence”, in Florence, Texas in the summer of 2009.