Granite Boulders

Year: 2010

Stone Type: Texas Granite

Description: These five Sculptures are made with various sized boulders ranging from 70 lbs to 3.5 tons. They are technically decomposed Granite Boulders found in the granite gravel pits in Marble Falls, Texas. Once the stones were selected, they were delivered to the clients property and were worked on site. The stones were shaped not with chisels, but with an acetylene torch, and a rock hammer to knock off the loose material. The texure that remains on the stone is a more natural/weathered look that is more desirable than grinders and chisels. The client wanted these stones to have a natural look as if they had been there for hundreds of years.

Cranes were used to set the boulders, and stainless steel pins and epoxy were used to help stabilize the balancing stones.