About Austin Stone Carving

Owned and operated by artist Stuart Simpson since 1997, Austin Stone Carving is known for its quality workmanship and professional work ethics.

Stuart Alfred Simpson was born on October 17th, 1973 in Austin, Texas. His Father Daniel T. Simpson a 5th generation native Austinite, and his mother Karin Eva (Giersch) Simpson a transplant from East Berlin, Germany raised Stuart and his older brother Danny in what was once a quaint little town. It was here, where Stuart developed an interest in working with stone. He used to take his father’s screw drivers and hammers to the limestone outcroppings around his West Austin neighborhood and would chisel out some of the small fossils further developing a fascination with the material. After a while, his parents decided to sign him up for a few after school stone carving classes, and the rest was history.

Simpson began his formal art training at age 11 working with simple hand tools on small pieces of soapstone. Six years later, he began studying with Mary Paige Huey at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin, Texas. Huey was a former student of the world renowned Texas sculptor and UT art professor -Charles Umlauf. Simpson later obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Southwest Texas State University(now “Texas State University”) in San Marcos, Texas, in 1996. Prior to opening his own private studio in South East Austin, Simpson trained as an architectural stone carver under the direction of Bob Ragan and his crew at Texas Carved Stone which opened up a whole new world and helped advance his skills and knowledge as a growing artist.

In 1997, Stuart decided to open his own studio -Austin Stone Carving.  Since then, most of his work over the years has consisted of commissioned projects both sculptural and architectural, as well as restoration work. Creating his own sculptural art has always been his ultimate goal, but the architectural work which requires a firm understanding for exact replication and an ability to understand and interpret cad drawings has taught him discipline and patience. Lately, Stuart has been focused on using what he has learned over the last 20 plus years and is taking a bold step to vigorously develop his own unique style of stone sculpture and relief carvings to present to the art world. Respected art critics, fellow carvers, and many distinguished art collectors feel that Stuart Simpson is one of the best and most talented carvers in the industry today.

In 2001, Stuart became the youngest “Professional” member of the Stone Carvers Guild. Since then, he has served several terms as the Treasurer, a Board member, and was eventually elected as President for 5 years until stepping down in the fall of 2016 so that he could focus more time in the studio, all the while continuing his service as an active Board member of the Guild. He has also done work for some of the most recognizable and respected names in the entertainment and business industries throughout the country, as well as a former US President.

Stuart has a private studio in Florence, Texas.

Please feel free to contact him at (512) 970-1802 to schedule an appointment.  Email: Stuart@austinstonecarving.com.